August 13, 2014
Textil Energy

Maybe the most important was not walking 830 km till the end of the world, maybe the most important wasn’t the exhaustion and the blisters but the persons I met and with whom I experienced the journey. I started my adventure on 1st of April 2014 from Roncesvalles till Finisterre.



The journey of Camino de Santiago, (the pilgrimage routes in northwestern Spain) is all an experience that has to be lived and felt. It’s not just sharing the adventure with the other pilgrims; it’s also helping others and sharing all you can share. Thanks to “Textil Energy” I was not just self sufficient with power, but could also offer others to power and charge their devices. It was very useful to charge the devices with solar energy, taking advantage of weather and sun (even in cloudy days the module worked good enough) while enjoying scenery and the company of the journey.

To do the journey is to enjoy the sceneries and the pureness of nature, no other moment is more important than the present and no other that spectacular, that’s why it is good to let yourself go as you live in this impressive moment. To forget the everyday stress, the ability to breathe fresh air, to get to know amazing people and disconnect from all that worries you.

Everything started in Navarra, with precious green fields and mountains, later going through the cities, (Navarra, Burgos, Logroño, Leon) where unfortunately one lose a connection with the nature. During the journey on those many sunny days I could take advantage of my solar module. In Castilla, with its green fields, full of wheat, was the hardest part for the unchanging landscape, miles of lines that seemed endless, and the heat that felt like in the desert of Sahara… Although later came the most beautiful- el Bierzo Leonés, with its mountains full of trees and with marvelous sceneries and places that step by step took me to Galicia. In between the most wonderful views and amazing people in 29 days we came to the Cathedral of Santiago Compostel and I still had 3 more days to reach Finisterre- a magical place where I could experience the feeling of being at end of the world.